Record Store Day 2016

Hey everyone! Today is Record Store Day (if you didn’t know already.) Every year, independent record stores dedicate this day to music lovers. The stores receive limited edition records from various bands/ artists and sell them on this special day. This tradition began in 2007 and the first official record store day was April 18, 2008. The biggest point of this day to give back to the fans, the bands, and the stores. This year, it was my first time attending Record Store Day in West Babylon, NY. I’ve been going to the record store for over a year, and I fall in love with the record store every time. The first time I stepped into this record store, it felt like i was in a whole new universe surrounded by something I love, music. I get the exact same way when it comes to book stores. I think it’s extremely important to support local businesses and what you love.If you all get a change, you should head over to your local record store to satisfy your music pleasures.


Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!



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