Album Review: The Home Inside My Head by Real Friends

Real Friends has released a new album today The Home Inside My Head. Prior to the album release, Real Friends made public four singles: “Colder Quicker,” “Scared To Be Alone,” “Mess,” and “Mokena.” The 12 song CD is Real Friends second full length album they wrote as a group. Lead vocalist of Real Friends Dan Lambton wrote the songs “Stay In One Place,” “Isolating Everything,” “Eastwick,” and “Colder Quicker.” Lambton expanded his vocal range and his speaking voice on this album. Lambton has a distinct rasp and tone in the Alternative/ pop-punk music scene. Lyrically, this album is impeccable. The lyrics are so raw; it makes you want to cry. That’s pretty much how Real Friends is as a band. They tug at your heart strings the right way, and listeners feel a sense of belonging. That’s what I feel when I listen to Real Friends. Instrumentally, Real Friends stands out from other bands. They’re different because each song Real Friends has released is different from the last but has the ability to relate to their listeners. After listening to the album, I am so proud of Real Friends. Everyone labeled the band for their lyrics of “sleepy eyes and boney knees” and this album shows the evolution this band had. If you haven’t heard Real Friends last album, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Just Changingthen I highly recommend you do. You can hear how much the band has grown.

Real Friends had a listening party in Tinley Park, Illinois on Sunday May 23rd, their hometown.Real Friends brought a piñata to their listening party which was at Centennial Lanes this past Sunday. Knuckle Puck tweeted out to Real Friends reminiscing about their time at Centennial.

Tweets courtesy of @KnucklePuckIL and @realfriendsband on Twitter.


Real Friends is having an album release party today in Kingston, UK that will be live streamed today at 3:30pmET on Real Friends website.

If anyone is trying to get into pop-punk music, Real Friends does nothing less than represent the community.

FullSizeRender-7.jpgReal Friends has the ability to connect with their fans emotionally, which is powerful. Real Friends is true to their fans with how they portray their emotions. “Eastwick” is so stripped down instrumentally and lyrically. The “Illinois Sad Boys” have put out an amazing album that everyone should pick up a copy of the CD or LP at your local Target or Hot Topic or download it through iTunes. I commend Brian Blake, Dan Lambton, Dave Knox, Eric Haines, and Kyle Fasel. Real Friends is a great band and truly deserve the success they have. They’re all hard working men, and The Home Inside My Head is a great representation of how great this band really is, and how far they’ve come. If you haven’t had the chance yet, check them out live. Real Friends will be at Vans Warped Tour all summer on Journey’s Right Foot Stage. Wow, what a great day!

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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16 Bands You Need To Check Out In 2016

I’m sure that you’ve listened to the same bands on repeat for awhile now. Thinking of downloading some new music? You’ve come to the right place. Here are 16 bands that you should check out in 2016.

  1. Microwave- They just opened for The Wonder Years last month. Microwave is post-hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been around since 2012. I saw them open for Have Mercy at Amityville Music Hall on October 17, 2015. I got a selfie with Nathan Hardy. IMG_0594                                            Check out the song “Thinking Of You.”
  2. Broadside- They’re equally as good life as they are are on a CD. I saw Broadside perform for State Champs at the Holiday show at Revolution Bar in Amityville on December 19, 2015. The show was sold out, and the crowd came alive once Broadside got on stage. Broadside brings an awesome energy to the stage, and they’ll be at Warped Tour this summer. Be sure to check them out this summer and listen to the song “Human Machines” and “Damaged Kids.”
  3. Movements- Movements is an emo band from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. I saw them perform at Real Friends $5 Tour at the NYWC Sportatorium. The lead singer, Patrick Miranda, was so grateful to have gone on tour with Real Friends. Repeatedly saying thank you after each song and ending their set saying something along the lines of having the fans not look so bored and that Real Friends will be going on next. “If you liked what you were hearing, check out our merch table and pick up a copy of our EP ‘Outgrown Things’ or even listen to it for free on Spotify or something.” Patrick said something along the lines of if you’re at least listening to them, they’re happy you’re another fan. I don’t remember his exact words, but I remember thinking that this band was very much humbled. Check out the song “Nineteen
  4. Vacationer- Vacationer is a definitely a feel-good band. Vacationer is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I heard Vacationer on Parahoy this year. I attended every set they had on Parahoy. Everyone in the band is super sweet, and they’re all about spreading positive vibes around. Check out their song “Good As New
  5. mewithoutYou- If you’re interesting in a different sounding group, I highly recommend mewithoutYou. They’re a rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first time I ever heard mewithoutYou live was in 2014 on Parahoy. Their performance on the boat made me very interested in their music. Plus, Hayley Williams, lead vocalist of Paramore, is featured on a song of theirs. MewithoutYou is a pleasure to see live. I had the honor of meeting Ricky, the drummer of mewithoutYou, on the Parahoy cruise this past March.mewithoutyouCheck out one of my favorite songs by them, “In A Sweater Poorly Knit.”
  6. Knuckle Puck- This pop-punk band from Chicago, Illinois is nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen Knuckle Puck perform with The Maine last May, Vans Warped Tour last summer, and again with State Champs, Neck Deep and Like Pacific on the AP World Tour. They will be at Vans Warped Tour this year. Their latest album Copacetic is a fantastic album. I really liked the song “Pretense” by Knuckle Puck because it’s complex and has a lot going on percussion wise. Definitely check this band out and see them perform at Warped Tour this summer!
  7. This Wild Life- I’m sure you’ve been to Warped Tour the past few years, and This Wild Life has attended Vans Warped Tour on August 10, 2011 and again on June 21, 2012. In 2014 and 2015, This Wild Life was playing at Warped Tour all summer long. I met both Kevin Jordan and Anthony DelGrosso This Wild Life in 2014 at Warped Tour
    This Wild Life
    and talked with Kevin after the AP Tour in October of 2015.
    This Wild Life is an acoustic pop-punk duo from Long Beach, California. They’re releasing a new EP this year and Aaron Marsh, lead vocals of Copeland, has been involved in the process and recording of Clouded and their latest EP (which the date is to be announced.) Check out their song “No More Bad Days.”
  8. Divided By Friday- Now, I know that they’re on an indefinite hiatus at the moment, but Jose Villanueva, lead vocalist, has an amazing voice. His voice is low and quite angelic. His vocals has a great range. Unfortunately, I have not had the privilege to hear Divided By Friday live, but be sure to check out the song “Relapse
  9. Young English- Young English is a punk band from Orange County, NY. I saw them when I saw Transit perform once last time. I enjoyed the unique rasp of the lead vocalist, especially in “Woke Up Underwater
  10. Pentimento- This punk band from Buffalo, NY is up and coming. I have yet to have the privilege to see Pentimento live, but their set at Audiotree on November 9, 2012 shows off the talent of the group. Check out the song “Just Friends.”
  11. The Flats- The Ohio based rock group has their CD on Band Camp. Liberation & The House In Blue was recorded at home and released in 2014. I saw them open for Have Mercy, and the guys from the band were friendly, talkative and great guys. Check out the song “Fight and Flights
  12. Major League- I know that Major League broke up this year, but they didn’t get recognition for how great of a band they were. Major League is from Mantua Township, NJ and formed in 2009. Brian Joyce stepped up as vocalist from Nick Trask departure. Major League released their last album There’s Nothing Wrong With Me in November of 2014. Major League performed at Audiotree. Major League always put on an amazing show, and seeing them perform one last time at Amityville Music Hall on March 25, 2016, was super emotional. I wish all the guys nothing, but the best in their future endeavors. “Rittenhouse” displays the amazing power ballad the band released.
  13. PVRIS- If you guys haven’t checked out PVRIS, you need to. Lynn Gunn’s vocals are impeccable, and Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald are super talented. PVRIS is from Boston, Massachusetts and taking the world by storm. I’ve seen PVRIS in fall of 2014 touring with Mayday Parade, at Warped Tour in 2015, and I’m going to their US tour. They’re currently on the “North American Tour 2016” that started May 11th. 10 of their shows on the tour are sold out. Check out the song “Holy” and White Noise.
  14. The Radiance Effect- The Radiance Effect is a rock group from Springfield, MO. I don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon them, but The Radiance Effect is a really good band. I have not seen them live. Check out the song “Hello Beautiful.”
  15. Stages and Stereos- Even though Dan Lancaster is the younger brother of Jason Lancaster of Go Radio and Mayday Parade, Dan doesn’t want his fame to be from his brother. Formed in 2007, the Tallahassee based band has been on several tours. I saw Stages and Stereos open for Mayday Parade in 2013 on the Glamour Kills Tour. Dan is a sweetheart, and their music is really catchy. Listen to “Coupe De Grace.”
    Dan Lancaster
  16. With Confidence- With Confidence is from Sydney, Australia, and they’re up and coming in the pop-punk music scene. I have yet to see them live, but I really like their song “Keeper” because it shows off Jayden Seeley’s unique voice.

Well…what are you waiting for?


Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Music Updates For This Week

Everyday something new is being done in the music industry. This week in particular, I felt that I should update you all about the new music videos and albums. Here is my Top 5:

  1. Panic! At The Disco released the music video to the song “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” on YouTube on Tuesday. The song is off of Panic! At The Disco’s album Death Of A Bachelor.
  2. Bayside shared their new song “Enemy Lines” on social media. Bayside will be releasing a new album in August, and you can pre-order their new album Vacancy on iTunes and get an instant download of “Enemy Lines.”
  3. We The Kings announced that they are going to be releasing a Greatest Hits album in June. The album will feature unreleased tracks.
  4. Pierce The Veil released a new album today. Misadventures is available at Target, Best Buy, Hot Topic, F.Y.E, Walmart and online on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.
  5. Modern Baseball released Holy Ghost today. You can pick up a $5 copy here.

Real Friends had it right by saying:


Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky? What a great day to like music.


Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Song Review: “Mess” by Real Friends

Real Friends released a third single off of their upcoming album, The Home Inside My Head, yesterday. The song “Mess” has lyrics that truly reflect Real Friends, and who they are as band. Real Friends is a pop-punk band from Tinley Park, Illinois. The “Illinois Sad Boys” began their journey as a group in 2010. They’ve released six EPs, and one full length studio album. The Home Inside My Head will be Real Friend’s second full length album. The group began by playing shows in basements, and their most recent tour was one that was interesting to say the least.

Real Friends went on a $5 Tour with Movements that occurred in March. I attended the Long Island show at a NYWC Sportatorium. Keep in mind, the venue wasn’t for concerts. The venue was actually a wrestling ring. The $5 Tour was booked in various places that a concert goer wouldn’t normally think to have a show at. Real Friends played in various venues like a wrestling ring, batting cages, basement of a church, art gallery, etc. Very obscure places, but Real Friends, as well as Movements, surely did not disappoint with their performance.

After watching Real Friends documentary, I’ve grown to have an appreciation for the band. I’ve always liked Real Friends as a group. Dan Lambton, lead singer of Real Friends, has a unique rasp to his voice. Each lyric that Real Friends has written shows how raw and emotional the group can be. Leading back to “Mess,” the lyrics that truly stood out to me was “don’t need to be perfect, just happy.” I’m the type that always likes to plan and keep a schedule, but sometimes going with the flow and choosing to be happy is a greater option. The composition of the lyrics is very catchy, but the fact that Real Friends creates stories in their lyrics that fans can relate to is something that truly stands them out from other bands in the industry. The video of the song was taken at the various venues on the $5 Tour.

The singles that were released, “Colder Quicker,” “Scared To Be Alone,” and “Mess” are different from the band’s usual lyrics of “Sleepy eyes and boney knees.” This upcoming album will really show a new variety of range of Lambton’s voice and fantastic composition that Kyle Fasel, Brian Blake, Dave Knox, and Eric Haines have as a group. All of their songs, whether they’re new or old, all pull at your heart strings and help you get through things that are negative in your life. Real Friends has messages that speak out to a wide variety of people with saying it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to break because you need to put yourself back together.

Everyone either pre-order or pick up a copy of Real Friends latest album, which releases on May 27th. Also, you can catch them on Vans Warped Tour on Journey Right Foot Stage.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!