Song Review: “Mess” by Real Friends

Real Friends released a third single off of their upcoming album, The Home Inside My Head, yesterday. The song “Mess” has lyrics that truly reflect Real Friends, and who they are as band. Real Friends is a pop-punk band from Tinley Park, Illinois. The “Illinois Sad Boys” began their journey as a group in 2010. They’ve released six EPs, and one full length studio album. The Home Inside My Head will be Real Friend’s second full length album. The group began by playing shows in basements, and their most recent tour was one that was interesting to say the least.

Real Friends went on a $5 Tour with Movements that occurred in March. I attended the Long Island show at a NYWC Sportatorium. Keep in mind, the venue wasn’t for concerts. The venue was actually a wrestling ring. The $5 Tour was booked in various places that a concert goer wouldn’t normally think to have a show at. Real Friends played in various venues like a wrestling ring, batting cages, basement of a church, art gallery, etc. Very obscure places, but Real Friends, as well as Movements, surely did not disappoint with their performance.

After watching Real Friends documentary, I’ve grown to have an appreciation for the band. I’ve always liked Real Friends as a group. Dan Lambton, lead singer of Real Friends, has a unique rasp to his voice. Each lyric that Real Friends has written shows how raw and emotional the group can be. Leading back to “Mess,” the lyrics that truly stood out to me was “don’t need to be perfect, just happy.” I’m the type that always likes to plan and keep a schedule, but sometimes going with the flow and choosing to be happy is a greater option. The composition of the lyrics is very catchy, but the fact that Real Friends creates stories in their lyrics that fans can relate to is something that truly stands them out from other bands in the industry. The video of the song was taken at the various venues on the $5 Tour.

The singles that were released, “Colder Quicker,” “Scared To Be Alone,” and “Mess” are different from the band’s usual lyrics of “Sleepy eyes and boney knees.” This upcoming album will really show a new variety of range of Lambton’s voice and fantastic composition that Kyle Fasel, Brian Blake, Dave Knox, and Eric Haines have as a group. All of their songs, whether they’re new or old, all pull at your heart strings and help you get through things that are negative in your life. Real Friends has messages that speak out to a wide variety of people with saying it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to break because you need to put yourself back together.

Everyone either pre-order or pick up a copy of Real Friends latest album, which releases on May 27th. Also, you can catch them on Vans Warped Tour on Journey Right Foot Stage.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!



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