Music Updates For This Week

Everyday something new is being done in the music industry. This week in particular, I felt that I should update you all about the new music videos and albums. Here is my Top 5:

  1. Panic! At The Disco released the music video to the song “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” on YouTube on Tuesday. The song is off of Panic! At The Disco’s album Death Of A Bachelor.
  2. Bayside shared their new song “Enemy Lines” on social media. Bayside will be releasing a new album in August, and you can pre-order their new album Vacancy on iTunes and get an instant download of “Enemy Lines.”
  3. We The Kings announced that they are going to be releasing a Greatest Hits album in June. The album will feature unreleased tracks.
  4. Pierce The Veil released a new album today. Misadventures is available at Target, Best Buy, Hot Topic, F.Y.E, Walmart and online on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.
  5. Modern Baseball released Holy Ghost today. You can pick up a $5 copy here.

Real Friends had it right by saying:


Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky? What a great day to like music.


Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!



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