New Singles Released By This Wild Life, Green Day And More!

Here are some singles that were released this week to get excited about!

  1. This Wild Life revealed another single off their album Low Tides yesterday. “Hit The Reset” has a different sound to This Wild Life’s previous singles and album. The third single had more instrumental than lyrics but is extremely refreshing to hear which can be heard on Soundcloud or YouTube. Low Tides comes out on September 23rd via Epitah Records. You can pre-order the album online at their website, iTunes, or Amazon and receive the singles “Pull Me Out,” “Breakdown” and “Hit The Reset”.
  2. After four years, Green Day is back with another album. Yesterday Green Day announced a new single titled “Bang Bang.” The new single will be on their 12th album Revolution Radio that will be released on October 7, 2016 via Reprise Records. You can pre-order their album on their website and receive a digital download of “Bang Bang.” There is no announcements yet as to if Green Day will be touring once the album is debuted. Fans are eager for the future album after hearing “Bang Bang” similar sound to their previous songs.

Two other singles that were released this week are: “Stuck In Your Head” by I Prevail off of their upcoming album Lifelines and “Blame It On This Song” by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

As always, you can pre-order any upcoming albums on the band’s website, iTunes, Amazon or buy a physical copy at your local record store. Other albums that will be released within the next few weeks are: Haven’t Been Myself by Too Close To Touch, Low Teens by Marilyn Manson, Desolate Divine by The Color Morale, Yellowcard by Yellowcard, Low Tides by This Wild Life, Revolution Radio by Green Day, Lifelines by I Prevail, and more. Tweet to me which album you’re excited to hear!

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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