Top 6 News This Week

Here are top stories this week in music:

  1. Asking Alexandria recorded a new song with original frontman Danny Worsnop. In Seattle this week, Worsnop went on stage to perform with Asking Alexandria.
  2. Green Day and Twenty One Pilots will be performing at the AMAs this year.
  3. AFI announced they have a new album on its way. On top of the news, AFI released two new songs.
  4. The guys in Knuckle Puck got into a car accident, and despite the cost, Knuckle Puck to finish touring with The Wonder Years.
  5. I Prevail released a new music video for the song “Stuck In Your Head.” Check out the video here.
  6. Real Friends released their music video for “Mess” via. YouTube. The video is very retro Halloween.

Check out Memphis May Fire’s new album The Light I Hold. Be sure to check out some festive Halloween band merch, like Real Friends Halloween inspired. Tweet me at @ovictoriax31 or @ovictoriamedia and let me know what you’d like me to write about for next week.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive.



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