The Maine’s “Miserable Youth” YouTube Series

The Maine has launched a web series via. YouTube. “Miserable Youth” is a video that shows weekly updates of the process of The Maine’s upcoming album. The album is expected to be released sometime in 2017. The Maine, consisting of John O’ Callaghan, Pat Kirch, Kennedy Brock, Jared Monaco, and Garret Nickelsen, debuted the series to bring fans along their journey for the upcoming album.

The pre-production for the album began with the guys in The Maine going to Jared’s family cabin. At the cabin, The Maine and their producer/ engineer, Colby Wedgeworth discussed the songs that are going to be and are written. The video shows O’ Callaghan, Monaco, Kirch, Nickelsen, and Brock “vibe up” and brings the viewer through their everyday life in the album process.

The video series is being recorded by Guatalupe Bustos. It’s awesome to see The Maine interact with their fans even more by showing the audience their process. I hope this helps redefine what other bands do when writing their new albums. What do you think of the new web series? Check it out by clicking here.

In other news, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy remixed COIN’s song “Talk Too Much.” The Word Alive announced that their drummer, Luke Holland, is leaving the band. Also, Chiodos announced they are breaking up, and Bring Me The Horizon released the music video for “Oh No.” November 4 marks two years that Major League’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Me, and PVRIS’ White Noise released.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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