Concert Review: Mayday Parade in NYC

Mayday Parade is an alternative rock band from Tallahassee, FL. On Nov. 15, 2016, I attended their show at the Studio at Webster Hall in New York City. I’ve visited this particular section of the venue in October where I saw This Wild Life, so I knew exactly where to go and what to expect. The venue is small and holds 400 people.

Prior to the show, I met Mayday Parade for the third time. The meet and greet was different from the prior meet and greets I had with them. The meet and greet priors had Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Alex Garcia, Jake Bundrick and Jeremy Lenzo all together with a backdrop to take a photo and chat for a minute or two. This time, the meet and greet was set up that all the guys went inside the studio, walked around and talked with fans/ took pictures individually. It was a cool experience to talk to each guy individually. The great thing about Mayday Parade is that they’re always so sweet to everyone. Each member cares about interacting with their fans.

I got the chance to talk with Derek first, then I talked with Brooks, Alex, Jeremy, and Jake. I got a guitar pick from Alex and Brooks during the meet and greet.

I also got the chance to have a mini-interview Derek, Alex, and Brooks. It was a great experience to meet Mayday Parade again and ask them some questions.

The opening band was Modern Chemistry (a small rock band from New Jersey.) I enjoyed their set, the instrumentals of the band are super cool and got fans pumped for Mayday Parade. Modern Chemistry’s set was a half hour long. After a half hour intermission, Mayday Parade took the stage. Here is Mayday Parade’s setlist:

  1. Just Say You’re Not Into It
  2. When I Get Home, You’re So Dead
  3. One Man Drinking Games
  4. Your Song
  5. Three Cheers For Five Years
  6. The Last Song That Meant Anything
  7. The Problem With The Big Picture IsThat It’s Hard To See
  8. Look Up and See Infinity, Look Down and See Nothing
  9. 12 Through 15
  10. The Memory
  11. No Heroes Allowed/ Save Your Heart
  12. Kids In Love
  13. Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology
  14. Oh Well, Oh Well
  15. When You See My Friends
  16. Jamie All Over
  17. Terrible Things *ENCORE*
  18. Jersey *ENCORE*

The crowd was vivacious the whole set. Most of the set, fans were singing back to Derek, Alex, Jeremy, Jake, and Brooks. The venue was small but had a tight, comfortable feel to it.

What was so special about this experience of seeing Mayday Parade over prior times was the fact that it was Mayday Parade’s 10 year anniversary of their album Tales Told By Dead Friends. I’ve seen Mayday Parade perform seven times, and I’ve loved every performance. This performance had Tales Told By Dead Friends performed in its entirety and brought fans to reminisce.

The merch I bought was a Mayday Parade tee shirt with the tour dates on the back. The one that Derek is wearing in this tweet. I received a limited edition of Tales Told By Dead Friends black and yellow vinyl/ a shirt from their meet amd greet package.

In other news, The Maine’s third episode of “Miserable Youth” released on their YouTube channel, Forever The Sickest Kids announced they’ll be playing at the 2017 So What Fest (after a three year absence on stage,) and Senses Fail announced a tour with Counterparts, Movements and Like Pacific in 2017 that they’ll play Still Searching in it’s entirety. In Your Absense is Senses Fail’s acoustic EP that will be released on March 2. Tickets and tour information can be found on Senses Fail’s website.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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