17 Bands To Listen To In 2017

Thinking of downloading new music to listen to? You came to the right post. Here are 17 bands to check out this year!

  1. Movements (@movementsCA) is a pop punk band from Orange County, CA. The group released their first EP Outgrown Things and has been taking the scene by storm with touring with bands like Real Friends and Senses Fail. I highly recommend listening to Outgrown Things in its entirety. Movements will be at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour and is nominated in the category of “Best Underground Band” for this year’s APMAs. Check out their song “Hatchet” off of Outgrown Things.
  2. The Hunna (@THEHUNNABAND) is a rock band from Hertfordshire, England. The group formed in 2015 and has been touring across the United States and Europe selling out a lot of shows. Their album 100 has been out since August of 2016. Check out their song “Bonfire” off of 100.
  3. Coin (@COIN_music) is an indie pop band from Nashville, TN. The group formed in 2012 and has released COIN and their latest album How Will You Know If You Never Try. Their music is infectious, and they’ve sold out the majority of their shows on their recent tour across the United States. Check out their song “Run” off of their album COIN.
  4. Mondo Cozmo (@MondoCozmo) is Joshua Ostrander’s name he goes by when recording and performing since 2016. The genre of music is folk rock. There is no album yet released under Mondo Cozmo, but his song “Shine” blew up on Sirius XM AltNation and the Billboard Alternative charts. Mondo Cozmo will be performing at a variety of festivals including Governors Ball. Check out “Shine.”
  5. Boston Manor (@BSTNMNNR) is a pop punk group from the UK and has released two albums Saudade and Be Nothing. I was able to see Boston Manor when seeing Broadside at Amityville Music Hall. The guys in the band are super nice and their music is radical. Check out their song “Forget Me Not” off of Be Nothing and see them at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour.
  6. Vinyl Theatre (@vinyltheatre) is an indie rock band from Milwaukee, WI. The group has released Gold, Electrogram, and their latest album Origami (which I discussed in a recent blog post). After seeing their set when they toured with Dashboard Confessional, I understood why this group has been gaining more popularity. Vinyl Theatre will be touring with Misterwives across the United States in the fall. Check out their song “Breaking Up My Bones” off of Electrogram.
  7. Too Close To Touch (@TooCloseToTouch) has been gaining recognition in recent years and for a good reason. The group is from Lexington, KY and has released Nerve Endings and Haven’t Been Myself (which I blogged about their release.) I met Too Close To Touch at Warped Tour last year and saw that they were down to earth guys making great alternative music. Check out their song “Translate” off of Haven’t Been Myself.
  8. Sykes (@SYKESband) is an Alt/ Indie band from the UK. Meeting them at Warped Tour after enjoying their electric set was fantastic. The group has out EPs like Gold Dust and Younger Mind, and you should check out “Gold Dust.”
  9. Stages & Stereos (@stages_stereos) is a rock band from Tallahassee, FL. Stages & Stereos took a brief hiatus and came back with new songs like “Remember You,” “Co-Dependent (Good Enough,” and “Julia Gulia.” Stages & Stereos toured with Mayday Parade in 2013, which is where I saw them perform.
    Check out their song “Julia Gulia” and read my review about the song here.
  10. Grayscale (@GrayscalePA) is signed to Fearless Records earlier this year and released their first full length album Adornment. Grayscale just toured with As It Is across the United States on the “Okay.USA tour.”
    Check out their song “Atlantic” off their latest album Adornment.
  11. If you haven’t heard of MISSIO (@MissioMusic) yet, you should get on it. The duo is from Austin, TX and has released the album Loner under RCA Records. MISSIO recently headlined the Advanced Placement Tour AltNation hosted. Their on my list of bands to see live. Check out their song “Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea.”
  12. As It Is (@ASITISofficial) is a pop punk band from Brighton, UK. Since forming in 2012, the group got signed to Fearless Records and released Never Happy Ever After and their latest album Okay. (Which i wrote about in a previous blog post.) As It Is recently finished up their first headlining tour across the United States with Grayscale. Check out their song “Soap” off of Okay.
  13. The Flats (@TheFlatsOH) is a rock group from Toledo, OH. The group has recently released Auburn In The Everlast via. Bandcamp. Check out their song “Fight And Flight
  14. Knox Hamilton (@KnoxHamilton) is an alternative group known for their songs “Washed Up Together,” “Work It Out,” and “Set It On Fire.” The group has released two albums, How’s Your Mind and The Heights under the record label Prospect Park. Check out their song “Washed Up Together.”
  15. Pentimento (@PentimentoNY) is a punk rock group from Buffalo, NY. The group has been together since 2011 and has released I No Longer, Pentimento, and EPs such as Inside The Sea and Wrecked. They have a split album with Young English. Check out their song “Just Friends.”
  16. If you like Mumford & Sons older albums, you’ll enjoy Judah & The Lion (@judahandthelion). Judah & The Lion has been a group since 2011 and has released Folk Hop ‘N Roll, Kids These Days, and Sweet Tennessee. Check out their song “Take It All Back.”
  17. The Japanese House (@Japanesehouse) is a rising indie pop act. The Japanese House has released theee EPs, Pools To Bathe In, Swim Against The Tide, and Clean. Check out their song “Face Like Thunder.

In other news, Broadside released the song “Paradise,” Paramore performed on “the Late Late Show with James Corden”, and The Gospel Youth announced a new album and released “Moods Like English Weather.”

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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