18 Bands To Check Out In 2018

Every year I give a list of bands that are either up and coming or a band I recently found to check out. It’s been a re-occuring post I write every year. If you are interested in reading about bands I wrote about in 2016 and 2017, click on the year to read more. In this blog, you will get insight on 18 bands along with a song you should check out. Without further ado, let’s get into 18 band you should check out in 2018.

  1. The Gospel Youth (@TheGospelYouth) is a rock band from the UK. The group released their first full length album Always Lose on July 14, 2017 via. Rise Records. The group recently parted ways with vocalist Samuel Little this year, read the statement here.
    Song: “Moods Like English Weather.”
  2. A Will Away (@awillawayct) is a rock band from Naugatuck, CT.  The group released its first full length album Here Again in 2017. I saw A Will Away with This Wild Life in July and loved the vibe the group had. (Read more about my concert experience here.) A Will Away is signed to Triple Crown Records. The thing I like about A Will Away is the fact the group is fairly mellow but has a raw and edgy side with the help of vocalist Matthew Carlson. New music is teased for 2018.
    Song: “Gravity.”
  3. Banners (@BANNERSMUSIC) is Liverpool musician Michael Joseph Nelson. Nelson started Banners in 2015 and since has signed to Island Records.  Banners is a soft rock which reminds me of OneRepublic.
    Song: “Someone To You.”
  4. Homesafe (@homesafeIL) is a side project created by Knuckle Puck’s bassist Ryan Rumchaks. The rock group was formed in 2014 in Oak Lawn, IL. Homesafe’s latest EP Evermore was released in 2016. When I saw Knuckle Puck in November, Homesafe opened for Knuckle Puck. Ryan Rumchaks stated that Homesafe will have music soon. (Read more about my concert review at Knuckle Puck here.)
    Song: “Relapse.”
  5. Speak Low If You Speak Love (@SpeakLowMusic) is an acoustic solo project created by Ryan Scott Graham, the guitarist of State Champs. Graham is the vocalist and guitarist of the project. The thing I enjoy most about Speak Low If You Speak Love is that the songs are beautifully descriptive and have a simplistic and soothing sound. I would compare Speak Low If You Speak Love to Copeland for its instrumentals.
    Song: “Contrasting Colors
  6. Hot Mulligan (@HotMulligan) is an pop punk band from Michigan. Hot Mulligan released EP Opportunities in March of 2017. The group signs to No Sleep Records in May of 2017. If you like pop punk, definitely check out Hot Mulligan.
    Song: “Dary.”
  7. Oh, Weatherly (@Ohweatherly) is an alternative rock group from Dallas, TX. The group has been together since 2015 and dedicated their lives to music. The group released their second EP Make You Bright in October of 2017. Oh, Weatherly has a Mayday Parade vibe.
    Song: “Lost and Found.”
  8. Sleep On It (@SleepOnItBand) is a pop punk groups formed in Chicago. The group released the first studio album, Overexposed, on November 3, 2017 via. Equal Vision Records. Sleep On It changed vocalists from John Cass to Zech Pluister in 2016 and since released an EP and their latest LP. Pluister was the vocalist of Bonfires before joining Sleep On It.
    Song: “Distant.”
  9. Milestones (@UKMilestones) is a pop punk band from Manchester, UK. The group released its first full length album this year Red Lights via. Fearless Records. I would compare Milestones’ sound to Mayday Parade, All Time Low, and a bit of Every Avenue.
    Song: “Paranoid.”
  10. WSTR (@wstrband) is pop punk band from Liverpool, UK signed to No Sleep Records. WSTER’s sound is often compared to Neck Deep which makes sense because the guys in Neck Deep grew up in the same town. Vocalist of WSTR Sammy Clifford has spent time writing with Neck Deep’s vocalist Ben Barlow. (Read more on WSTR’s experience with Neck Deep here.) WSTR’s music is produced with the help of Seb Barlow.
    Song: “Eastbound & Down.”
  11. Trash Boat (@TrashBoatUK) is a pop punk band from Herts, UK. The group released two EPs before signing to Hopeless Records in 2014. Trash Boat’s sound is similar to The Story So Far. Trash Boat’s latest studio recording Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through released in 2016. Trash Boat will be on Vans Warped Tour this summer.
    Song: “Strangers.”

12. nothing, nowhere. (@nothingnowhere) is a emo rock project created by Joe Mulherin. The thing I like most about nothing,nowhere is that the songs are instrumentally and electronically driven. All of the music is written, produced, and performed by Mulherin. Nothing, nowhere made the cover of Rock Sound issue 236.1.
Song: “nevermore.”

13. Story Untold (@StoryUntoldCA) is a pop punk band from Canada. The group is signed to Hopeless Records and will be hitting the road this summer on the last cross country Vans Warped Tour. If you like pop punk bands, you have to check out this group.
Song: “California.”

14. Locals Only (@wearelocalsonly) is a New York pop punk group. In March of this year, Locals Only released a music video for “Footsteps” through Alternative Press. The group has Locals Only is currently recording new music. Locals Only will be at select dates at this year’s Vans Warped Tour.
Song: “You’re Sick.”

15. Jetty Bones (@jettybonesmusic) has been touring a lot with Knuckle Puck, and. I saw Jetty Bones open for Knuckle Puck. I enjoyed the vibe and messages Kelc Galluzzo reflected. The group is from Ohio, and has a whimsical sound. (Check out my full review of the concert here.) Jetty Bones has simplistic instrumentals.
Song: “Innocent Party.”

16. Local Native (@localnatives) is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA. I saw Local Natives sets on Parahoy and fell in love with the sound. If you like the sound of Coldplay and Vinyl Theatre, this is the band to check out!
Song: “Coins.”

17. MAKEOUT (@makeoutofficial) is a rock group from Boston. I started listening to MAKEOUT when the group’s Twitter followed me. The group is signed to Rise Records and has been touring. Check out their sound if you’re into bands like As It Is and 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Song: “Ride It Out.”

18. YUNGBLUD (@yungblud) will be performing at various dates at Vans Warped Tour. I first heard of YUNGBLUD when listening to AltNation of Sirius XM and enjoyed the sound. YUNGBLUD’s sound reminds me of 2000s alternative with a hint of 3Oh!3.
Song: “I Love You, Will You Marry Me.”

Let me know what band you like from my list by tweeting me @ovictoriamedia.

In other news, State Champs released its first single “Dead And Gone” off of the upcoming album Living Proof set to release June 15 via. Pure Noise Records,  Taking Back Sunday released a statement stating the group has parted ways with guitarist and founding member, Eddie Reyes. Too Close To Touch parted ways with Thomas Kidd and Travis Moore (read the statement here.)

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


*Thanks to @BillyFitzz for his music input!



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