ICYMI: June 2019 Edition

Here are some things you may have missed this week in music:

  • The Band Camino released the music video for “Daphne Blue.”
  • Grayscale is teasing new music on Twitter. In addition to the tease, Grayscale’s profile photo is black hinting a new era is starting for them. You can pre-save “In Violet” here.
  • Lynn Gvnn of PVRIS is hinting a music video is being filmed. No word yet if PVRIS it’s a new song or if it’s a single from All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. She shared a photo on Instagram saying “Hi. We may or may not be shooting a video for today. That is all. xo.”

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  • Neck Deep released a new single “She’s A God.”
  • Punk Goes Pop updated their website to resemble MySpace. I believe a Punk Goes Pop “throwback” album is in the works. No word yet on a new album, but the Twitter account for Punk Goes Pop shared:

  • Hopeless Records signed Fame on Fire and Tiny Moving Parts to its record label. Both bands released new singles in honor of signing.
  • Additional album releases include: by The Driver Era, “Let’s Rock” by The Black Keys, and PHASES by Chase Atlantic.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


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Neck Deep Releases New Single!

Neck Deep is BACK and released a new single, “She’s A God.”

This is the first single released by Neck Deep since The Peace And The Panic. This single is the beginning of a new era for Neck Deep. Neck Deep shared the meaning behind the new single.

I’m really liking the new vibe from Neck Deep and can’t wait for new music!

In the coming months, Neck Deep is joining Blink 182 and Lil Wayne on tour across the United States! As a person who saw them on multiple tours (including “The Peace And The Panic Tour” and “The Peace And The Panic Tour 2“) I HIGHLY recommend seeing Neck Deep live! Tickets and tour information can be found on blink182.com.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Uncovering The “Sad Summer Festival”

I got a tweet alert from both Mayday Parade and The Maine with a cryptic video saying “Sad Summer.” I decided to investigate what this meant. Keep in mind, this is all speculation.

The tweet includes sadsummerfest.com and a date March 19, 2019. This festival has no information yet as to the lineup and where it will be held. I have speculation about this festival including State Champs, Neck Deep, Mom Jeans, All Time Low, The Maine, and Mayday Parade.

The Twitter account @SadSummerFest follows all of the bands listed above. Additionally, some of the bands listed tweeted the cryptic video.

My prediction for the festival is it will be held by Alternative Press. The Twitter account is following Alt Press. My first thought is the festival will be held in Cleveland, OH because that’s where Alt Press is located, but it could potentially be in Phoenix, AZ. The reason? When subscribing to the mailing list, the address listed is in Phoenix, AZ. We will find out more on March 19, 2019. In the mean time, what are your thoughts? Let me know @ovictoriamedia.

In other news, Graduating Life signed to Pure Noise Records and announced a re-release of Grad Life along with “Carry A White Flag.” The Maine released a cover of “Without Me” originally sang by Halsey, and Seaway announced a new album Produce is set to release April 19 via. Pure Noise Records including the group’s latest single “Pleasures.”

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


1:38pm EST

Update: March 15, 2019 3:05 pm EST

After digging up more information bout the “Sad Summer Festival.” After releasing my blog about my predictions and naming bands, the Twitter account @SadSummerFest followed additional bands! The bands include: The Wonder Years, Every Avenue, Set It Off, Emo Night LA, Hopeless Records, Fearless Records, Rise Records, Vans Warped Tour, Stand Atlantic, Panic! At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy. This may mean the festival will include these bands or the account is following these bands in hopes to confuse fans. My take is those bands will be on the festival lineup.

L.I.F.T is not being followed by @SadSummerFest, but shared the cryptic video on their Twitter.

At the bottom of the SadSummerFestival.com page it says it’s powered by 8123 Media, also known as the label The Maine is under. Interesting enough, The Maine’s pop up shop address is the same as the mailing list for the Sad Summer Festival.

The more I investigate, the more excited I’m becoming for this festival!

New Music (and Music Video) Friday!

Here are some new music and music videos you may have missed this week:

  • Sleep On It released a new single “Disconnected.” More information on the song and new music from Sleep On It can be found here.
  • Taking Back Sunday announced a new album Twenty is set to release January 11, 2019. In addition to the album announcement, Taking Back Sunday will be going on a world tour in honor of being a group for 20 years. Tour information and more information on Taking Back Sunday’s album can be found on www.takingbacksunday.com.

Taking Back Sunday tweeted me stating there will be a leg 2 to the tour (see the tweet here.)

  • CHVRCHES released the music video for “Graffiti.” The song is on CHVRCHES latest album Love Is Dead.
  • Weezer released the music video for “Can’t Knock The Hustle” which features Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy.

Additional new album releases include: Anon. by Hands Like Houses, New Levels New Devils by Polyphia, Mirror Master by Young The Giant.

In other news, Panic! At The Disco won Favorite Alternative Artist at the American Music Awards and Neck Deep’s cover of “Torn” has over 1 million views!

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Neck Deep’s “The Peace And The Panic Tour 2” Concert Review

Neck Deep performed at Stereo Garden in Patchogue, NY on Sept. 21, 2018. “The Peace And The Panic Tour 2” had Neck Deep headline and accompanied Trophy Eyes, WSTR, Gardenside, and Stand Atlantic.

I’ve been to this venue when it was called “The Emporium” to see Mayday Parade perform on the Honeymoon Tour in 2014. The venue is in Patchogue’s village which provided a lot of parking. I like the feel once I was inside the venue because it’s very intimate.

Prior to the show, I purchased the campfire bundle that Neck Deep had when pre-ordering my ticket. The pre-order included: a general admission ticket, access to the venue early to attend Neck Deep’s acoustic session around a campfire, an enamel pin for Neck Deep’s Campfire Club, a signed Neck Deep poster, a Q+A with the band, photo session, and early access to merch. This was the second time I met Neck Deep (the first time was in February in NYC, and I blogged my experience.)


(C) Victoria Onorato @ovictoriamedia

The campfire was a cute display of a fake fire and seats for Ben Barlow, Dani Washington, Sam Bowden, and Matt West to sit. For people who ordered the bundle, we all sat on the floor around the “fire” to listen to their sounds. The three songs that Neck Deep played were:

  1. Parachute
  2. In Bloom
  3. A Part Of Me 


    (C) Victoria Onorato @ovictoriamedia

In between each song, the guys would answer fan questions. I asked them if they began writing the new album, but Ben explained that after their album, they were eager to write again, but they have no set songs written up yet. Getting to see Neck Deep in an intimate way before the show was awesome. I met the guys and took a picture with them and received a pin and signed poster.


(C) Victoria Onorato @ovictoriamedia

After the meet and greet with Neck Deep, I saw John Floreani. We talked about how great The American Dream is and took a photo together. Neck Deep and John Floreani were very nice and humble guys.


(C) Victoria Onorato @ovictoriamedia

During the meet and greet, there are signs indicating that there is no signings happening, but I got lucky and saw Ben after the meet and greet and got my ticket signed!

After exiting the venue and re-entering, I got in the VIP area of the show, and saw all the bands perform. The order the bands went on the stage are as followed: Stand Atlantic, WSTR, Trophy Eyes, and Neck Deep. The only band I have seen live before was Neck Deep. I was excited to see all the opening bands.

Prior to the show, I listened to Stand Atlantic’s song “Lavender Bones” when it was announced that Stand Atlantic got signed to Hopeless Records. I was a bit hesitant at first at the sound, but as the set continued, I really enjoyed seeing the group live.

*WARNING: The rest of this blog contain setlists!

After Stand Atlantic’s set, WSTR performed. WSTR sounds similar to Neck Deep on albums, but WSTR’s vocalist Sammy Clifford has his own unique voice live. What was cool about the show at Stereo Garden was that WSTR was making a music video during the group’s set.

Here is WSTR’s set:

  1. Tell Me More
  2. Crisis
  3. Footprints
  4. Hide Everything Sharp
  5. Featherweight
  6. Silly Me
  7. Eastbound & Down
  8. Lonely Smiles
After the show, I met Sammy outside the venue and took a photo with him. I was talking with him about WSTR’s co-headline tour with PVMNTS and found out the band is staying in the United States in between tours. We also were talking about Identity Crisis. If you have yet to check out WSTR, check them out!!!!!!!

(C) Victoria Onorato @ovictoriamedia

  1. A Cotton Candy Sky
  2. You Can Count On Me
  3. Lavender Bay
  4. Nose Bleed
  5. More Like You
  6. Heaven Sent
  7. Miming The Choir
  8. Chlorine
  9. Broken
  10. Something Bigger Than This
  11. Friday Forever

After an intermission, Neck Deep took the stage. Neck Deep had high energy, and the crowd matched it with huge mosh pits and crowd surfers. Here is Neck Deep’s setlist:

  1. Motion Sickness
  2. Gold Steps
  3. Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
  4. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors
  5. Parachute
  6. Torn
  7. Happy Judgement Day
  8. Kali Ma
  9. I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago
  10. What Did You Expect?
  11. Citizen Of Earth
  12. Don’t Wait
  13. December
  14. Candour
  15. 19 Seventy Sumthin’
  16. In Bloom
  17. Can’t Kick Up The Roots *ENCORE*
  18. All Hype No Heart *ENCORE*
  19. Where Do We Go When We Go *ENCORE*

I was really excited to hear “Torn” on the setlist. I saw the setlist on setlist.fm prior to the show and was excited to see songs were added for the Patchogue show.  The cool thing about the show I attended was the vocalist from Stray From The Path came out and sang during “Don’t Wait.” What I love about going to see Neck Deep is that the crowd’s energy was intense and vivacious. If you have yet to see any of the bands on this tour be sure to check each of them out! This tour is NOT one you should sit on! If you are interested in seeing Neck Deep on tour, tickets and tour information can be found here.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!