Music Updates For This Week

This weeks updates include new songs and albums, APMAs and more…

  1. Bring Me The Horizon debuted a new music video for “Avalanche.”
  2. Mayday Parade released a music video for “Lets Be Honest.”
  3. Motionless In White revealed a new stand alone single “570” that can be free to download when you subscribe to their newsletter.
  4. Fall Out Boy covered the ‘Ghostbusters‘ theme song.
  5. Yellowcard revealed a new self-titled album that features new the single “Rest In Peace” today! Yellowcard is due on September 30 via. Hopeless Records.
  6. Blink- 182 released a new song “No Future.”
  7. The Color Morale announced a new song and album. Desolate Divine will be available to the public on August 19th featuring their released single “Walls.”
  8. Covers (Side B) by The Maine is released today. You can pick up a copy of that album along with American Candy at Vans Warped Tour. You can also purchase it on iTunes.
  9. It was announced that Andy Black, Neck Deep and more will be performing at the APMAs this year. The APMAs will be on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  10. Vans Warped Tour starts today! The live webcast will be online starting at 1:15pm EST.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!

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Paramore Recording Their Next Album

Anyone who’s a Paramore fan knows that their “self-titled life” has been over since 2015 after their Writing The Future tour. There has been a scandal that led to the decision that Jeremy Davis made to leave Paramore in December of 2015. Paramore has perservered yet again by not giving up and breaking up. Paramore had embarked on their second voyage of Parahoy in March of 2016. The cruise allowed Paramore to reconnect with their fans.

img_2677Since the cruise, Paramore has been writing in Nashville. Paramore has been posting pictures with Zac Farro, their previous drummer, since June 6th on various social media websites. Photos courtesy of Paramore’s twitter @paramore


The latest photo was released captioned “Lunch is over//Making an album.” Zac Farro, along with his brother Josh Farro, left Paramore in 2010 after the Honda Civic Tour and their apperances at several music events. The reasoning behind their departure was an ongoing conflict between Josh Farro and Hayley Williams. Both have brought their message of the depature online. Many fans have been wondering, what is Paramore up to now? When will we find out what is going on with Zac on this album? Is Zac going to return back to Paramore? When will a single be released? Zac Farro is an incredible drummer, and hopefully Paramore will record and release their album at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. For now, Paramore fans will have to suffice with the pictures and video.

Paramore was Paramore’s fourth album that was released on April 9, 2013. Since that album release, Paramore has been touring around the world. One of Paramore’s biggest achievements is playing at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 13, 2013.

Pick up this radical tuneage this week:

  1. Treehouse by I See Stars
  2. So Far by We The Kings
  3. The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. Johannesburg by Mumford and Sons
  5. Exhale by Thousand Foot Crutch

Before signing off,there is something that should be said. I hope that each person who goes to a concert, event, anywhere is aware of their surroundings. There has been terror in Walt Disney World, a concert venue, and at a night club in Orlando, Florida. It’s so sad and sickening at the same time. Love one another. Take care of each other. Safety is so important wherever you are from. RIP all who has lost their lives.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Concert Review: PVRIS

PVRIS is an Alternative rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts. I’ve seen PVRIS perform in 2014 when they opened for Mayday Parade on the Honeymoon Tour and again in 2015 at Vans Warped Tour. Let me just say, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen aka Lynn Gunn has an outstanding voice. She has such an amazing range and tone. She uses a rasp and whisper to truly identify with a certain feeling.

PVRIS’ last album, White Noise was released on November 4, 2014. They released a deluxe edition to the album this year featuring the songs “You and I” and “Empty.” PVRIS also has a stripped version of “You and I” on the album. If you get the chance, I hope you check those songs out. You know when you listen through an album and you get that one song you’re not the biggest fan of? Well, White Noise is not one of those albums. Each song is so unique from the one prior and displays the ability that Lynn, Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald have as a group.


I had the privilege to see PVRIS perform on Wednesday night at Webster Hall in New York City. Their 2016 US Tour began on May 11th in Nashville, TN and ends June 10th in Boston, MA. Nine of their shows out of the 25 were sold out.


Photo Courtney of PVRIS’ twitter @thisisPVRIS

The setlist was:
1. Smoke
2. Mirrors
3. St. Patrick
4. White Noise
5. Holy
6. Only Love
7. Ghosts
8. Fire
9. Eyelids
10. Let Them In
11. You and I
12. My House

Even though the setlist was shorter than most, PVRIS really connects with their fans. They had their fans sing back a lot of the lyrics to their songs. Lynn was saying that everyone should live in the moment and put their phones away before starting “Holy.”

The crowd was insane. Obviously, the NYC show was sold out, which is one of the reasons why it was so lively in the venue. Regardless of the capacity being maximum at 1500 in the Grand Ballroom, the crowd sang back every lyric. So many fans were recording the songs on their cell phones. The song that truly stood out was “Ghosts.” “Ghosts” was stripped down with a slower tempo and Lynn’s crisp voice traveled from the microphone to ever listener in the venue. It was very intimate.

I have no idea how this is PVRIS’ first headlining US tour. They’re such a dedicated and hard working group. PVRIS has dominated the music scene since their release of White Noise and their journey is far from over.

PVRIS is nominated for two awards at the Alternative Press Music Awards that will be held on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. PVRIS is nominated for “Most Dedicated Fanbase” presented by Fearless Records and “Artists of The Year” presented by Monster Energy. Lynn Gunn will be performing at the APMAs as well. If you haven’t yet, check out their album White Noise and vote for them.

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!


Vans Warped Tour Survival Guide

Since the 2016 Vans Warped Tour is kicking off this month across the United States, this week’s post will be about what to expect for Warped Tour!

  1. Power up!– Charge any device you hope to bring with you! Whether you want to Snapchat all day, or Facetime friends during certain sets, make sure you have a device that is charged.
  2. Stay hydrated!!!!!– I know, you’re all thinking that everyone stays hydrated, but so many people pass about because of lack of water. You’re able to bring in one sealed water bottle in with you. Also, there is a water station at Warped.
  3. Dress comfortably– It gets super hot out during Warped Tour. Make sure that you wear clothes and shoes that you’re comfortable being in. The last thing you would want to be is uncomfortable on a whole day of non-stop music.
  4. Wear sunscreen– This seems like an obvious one, but not many people bring sunscreen with them or put it on once at the beginning of the day. Trust me, bringing a bottle of spray sunscreen is a lifesaver. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to spray your back too! Be friendly with the people around you.
  5. Bring a backpack– It might be annoying to carry around all the things you purchase or what you’re already bringing in, therefore, you should bring something to carry with you throughout the day. Whether you want to bring back the fanny pack or wear a drawstring bag on your back, it’s totally up to you!
  6. Bring cash with you– If you want to buy merchandise, food, water, and more, I recommend stopping at the bank or asking your caregiver for some cash for the day. Make sure you spend it wisely.
  7. Timing is key– Make sure you don’t get to the venue late. Lets face it, nobody likes standing on a line, especially in the heat.
  8. Support your local music scene– there will be a few people who will try to sell their CD to you outside of the venue, if you’re interested in the music, see where you can purchase their music. Having a sense of community is what makes Warped Tour so exciting.
  9. Walk around the area– whenever you have free time, walk around the area where your local Warped tour will be held. If you’re looking to meet up with a friend or buy some merchandise from a band, I recommend that you walk around and get the feel of where things are.
  10. Merch– Band merchandise is super important. Whether you want to get one thing or change your whole wardrobe, it’s totally up to you. It’s always great to support your favorite band or a new band. Stop by the tents and pick out some cool merchandise.
  11. Buy a sharpie– If you want to carry a sharpie with you throughout the day, I definitely recommend it. If you run into a band member and want something signed, (i.e. album, poster or even a marriage application) it’s important to always be prepared.
  12. Band meetings– during warped, some bands will walk around the lines and sell their latest CD. If you don’t have their CD, I hope that you at least talk to or purchase a CD. It’s always great to get a cool new band to listen to, and sometimes the members will take a picture with you. Also, bands will have meet ups at their tents at various times during the day. Make sure you don’t miss out!
  13. Following band members– Don’t be that fan who follows around the lead singer of a band all day. There’s times where you can see or meet a band you like. If not, don’t follow the band around. Sometimes the members need their privacy.
  14. Listings for the day– I think that having a list of showtimes for each band is an essential thing to have with you. If you’re going to see a few bands you know, it’s crucial that you don’t miss their set. Buy a list from some vendor or even take a picture of the blowup wall of times for each band. You won’t regret it.
  15. Know the stages– All the bands that will be at Warped already have a designated stage that they’ll be at. Click here if you want to know what band is playing where.
  16. Check out some new bands– Whether you’ve heard the name of the band, you’ve never heard of them, or even heard one song from the band, Warped is such a positive community and an event filled with great music. If you didn’t preview the bands you were interested in seeing, I think going to see their set is a great way to see if you’re interested in their music.
  17. Don’t fall under peer pressure– if someone around you is taking something that you’re uncomfortable with, please don’t fall under the pressure. I don’t know how the people get in with various substances, but make sure you’re comfortable with where you are.
  18. Safety is important!– If you’re not comfortable with crowd surfers, or being in a mosh or circle pit, you can always walk away from the area. Stay safe.
  19. Shade is your friend– if you’re feeling hot throughout the day, sit in the shade. Don’t wear out your body because you want to stand in a huge crowd.
  20. Capture moments– make sure you take pictures or videos of what you want to remember for the day. When you look back at the photos, you can always remember the different memories you’ve made.

Hope some of these tips helped out! Don’t forget to buy a ticket for this years Vans Warped Tour. Click here if you want to see when Warped Tour will be by you. The lineup looks amazing!

Rock on, stay humble, and be positive!



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